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VME0001-40 Metal Frame, Monocular Microscope, 40X Magnification

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Quick Review:

  • All metal durable frame
  • Unique prism light gathering system - no batteries needed!
  • Maintenance free - no electrical components, mirrors, gears or knobs
  • 40X magnification


The ME10 Series beginner microscope uses a prism to reflect natural light to allow users to examine minerals, stones, insects, flowers, pond water, and other objects. This light gathering prism can collect ambient light from the room and conducts the light up the optical path of the microscope. The optical prism provides cool even lighting without the need for adjustment. This microscope is constructed with an all-metal frame and has a round moveable stage to allow for easy control of specimens.

Packing List:

  • Microscope
  • Vinyl dust cover
  • User manual
Head Vertical, monocular head. Adjustable arm can tilt up to 45°
Eyepiece 10X wide-field
Objective 4X DIN achromatic
3.5" round movable stage with 360° rotation. Locked-on spring loaded stage clips
Focusing Ocular tube moves up and down - no need for knobs or gears
Illumination Light gathering prism
Construction All metal frame
Warranty 5 year limited warranty

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VME0001-40 Metal Frame, Monocular Microscope, 40X Magnification